Monday, 25 August 2014

Best Ever 1/76 British Infantry - Matchbox/Revell (re-release)

Small holiday purchase!

They may not look much from this picture but I am truly excited. I never had these as a kid and always wondered what they looked like compared to my Airfix figures. As a blog watcher I have been 'teased' by Paul and Al from ANZAC-land from their extensive use of them in their Command Decision OrBat basing. Now turning them over in my hand I immediately want to expand and cover the whole re-release range irrespective of nationality  (I already have the British Commando pack). They are that "good" (see below):  

Still to get, WWII: Japanese, ANZAC, American, 8th Army, Afrka Korp, German.  Modern: British Falklands Paratroopers.

How did Matchbox get it so right so long ago? The figures themselves have a great range of command figures (four different poses) and decent proportion of rifles, Stens, Brens and Vickers HMG. It even had a mortar fro Christ sake! The only qualm I had was the inclusion of a Bazooka instead of PIAT. The figures are small, but in true dimension to the Matchbox AFV range. You could get a wargaming formation (battalion or platoon depending on the rules you use) out of one box!


Paul Foster said...

Yes they rock mate. How is the plastic in these new releases?

Sun of York said...

A great set. I have mine based up for Crossfire/Blitzkrieg Commander and Megablitz and could possibly still use them for Command Decision.

My use of them can be seen here:

I particularly like the pointing officer in the cap and sheepskin coat.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Plastic is still soft