Sunday, 24 August 2014

Books from the Holiday

Extended Holiday News: 

During my tour of Norfolk I managed to spy out a decent second hand bookshop and obtain a few 'bargains' at the princely price of £1 each (see below):

  • Rommel Battles and Campaigns (Kenneth Macksey)
  • Guderian Panzer General (Kenneth Macksey) 
  • The Philadelphia Experiment 
  • The Smokescreen of Jutland (John Irving, one that I had seen and tried to get hold of before)
  • Part 14 of an Aircraft Encylopedia (of specific interest to the Pacific War)
I could easily have picked up a few more but sadly I had pragmatic holiday-car space considerations (couldn't leave the wife and kids behind). The only downside to these purchases is that I am operating a "one in means one out" book policy. I negotiated the exit of some 'lighter weight' non-Wargaming books.

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