Tuesday, 26 August 2014

More Revell 1/144 Aircraft (Pacific War/Battle of Britain)

While "in the zone" of putting together 1/144 aircraft, I finished off my single-engined (Pacific War) American planes and started on the backlog of Battle of Britain aircraft (see below):

I know they will come in useful one day! I am still lacking in Japanese opposition (I have two Zero's) but am waiting for the Revell kits to hit the shops in my area. I reckon six in total would be a nice force. Meanwhile I will try and build up the US force to flights of three.

The Battle of Britain forces stand at 8 x Me 109's, 3 x Me 110's, 6 x Mk I Hurricanes and 6 Mk II Spitfire's. It is just a case of making them up and painting them.


Paul Foster said...

My name is Geordie...And I have a problem...With 1/144 scale aircraft collecting.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Not a problem, more a lifestyle choice ;)

We don't have those New Zealand Posties in the UK

Note to others for the "in joke" see Paul's blog: