Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Persian 28mm Spara Bara

Danger! Danger! Threat of "scale duplication" and a "shiny project" appearing from out of NOWHERE!

Literally "given to me as a present" as the leftover 'spares' from a small Impetus Army from "another wargamer" (with a cunning 'evil master plan' to get me hooked) these SparaBara are a tempting lure to get me disinterested in my 15mm metal Ancients collection and start 'scale spanning' into 25mm plastics.

Naturally I am treating it as a pure academic painting exercise. We will see how long before my resistance breaks and I start planning an "order of battle" (see below):

I took them on a recent family holiday to Norfolk, my night times were pleasantly passed comsuming a nice cold lager or brandy and lemonade, while assembling the Sparabara (see below):

Enough for two units of twelve figures each in Impetus or five double based and a single base in DBMM ;)

The good thing that I like about Impetus armies in 28mm is that it allows each unit to be a diorama exercise in its own right and if far less figure intensive than a DBM or DBMM equivalent army.

So there I have my dilemma, go the scenic Impetus route or the more standard and pragmatic DBMM 


Sean said...

Nice looking figures. Can you go the sabot basing route? That way you could use them across multiple game types. I also like the look of the Virgin Queen game board for a DBR campaign map.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

That could be a cunning plan in the making ;)

Mark Hazell said...

I second the Sabot basing option. I will be doing this with the new Vitrix Mid republican Romans. I want to be able to use the figures for FOG & Hail Caesar along with other systems. With all the amazing new plastics coming out it becoming harder for me to stick to 15mm armies (which i still love).