Saturday, 5 May 2018

Stalingrad Play Test: Chain of Command (P3)

The Soviets deployed to the Germans right, stacking two full squads against a rifle team. True there was a bit of harassing fire from across the square but the designated assault squad was covered by a smoke grenade. The squad in "Pink Penguin House" laid down covering fire as their comrades advanced (see below):

The result if this was "no kills" but shock placed on the targeted German rifle team (see below):

The Germans were content to move there MG42's around to get better positions and laying down speculative fire which caused a few casualties in "Pink Penguin House" and shock on the assault squad (see below):

Then came the interesting bit as the in next Russian phase they throw two sixes in their Command Dice so I know I am getting a flip-flop. More covering fire is laid down as the assault squad "does a dash" (3d6 inches - sustaining a shock for the disorder caused). If they throw well they are in close combat range for the Russian flip-flop (see below): 

Looking promising, a roll of seven or more on three dice should see them in. Von Paul looks on helplessly as none of his precious MG42s are on 'overwatch' (see below):

The assault goes in, with grenades been thrown by the Soviet to add insult to injury. I now get to see and feel my first Chain of Command "close combat". Something I think I should get used to for the Stalingrad Campaign battles (see below): 

The results are brutal for the Germans as they lose a team (morale roll for a 'bad thing' happening and a Junior Leader, another morale roll for [another] 'bad thing' happening). However in consolidating the ground I now see myself as the focus of attention for three MG42 teams and it is the Germans to go next! This could be a rather fleeting Phyrric victory (see below): 

Rather than being unnerved, Von Paul seemed rather keen and eager to exact his revenge on the overstretched Soviets directly in his sights! 


Lee Hadley said...

Interesting looking game.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Lee
It was quite intense trying to get from one house to another using cover
Gawd knows what the campaign is going to be like when you are trying to preserve forces from one game to the next

Michał Kucharski said...

Looking great!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Finger biting Michal
The more I play Chain of Command the more I "like it" in a masochistic sort of way ;)