Friday, 4 May 2018

Stalingrad Play Test: Chain of Command (P2)

My Soviet heroes are a basic WWII Russian Infantry Platoon, detailed courtesy of the Too Fat Lardies Russian OoB supplement; basically by this time in the war the numbers of "rifles" were starting to thin down in each squad from 8-9 to 6-7, with the range dependant on if you include the spare rifle in the LMG team (see below, a 1942 Soviet Rifle Platoon with a smattering of supports I have to choose from. In the end I went for a 'dangerous' flamethrower team):

The Soviet "jump off points" are placed. All-in-all, I think my opponent Paul, or "Von Paul", out-foxed me as I seem rather squished in the middle with my right flank "hanging in the air"! This after all in a learning experience, "Welcome back to Chain of Command" - I better go read these rules again (see below):

I am rather worried about this nasty little advanced German jump-off marker. One of my key objectives seems to already be in enemy hands! Not good! (see below): 

The Germans have a solid baseline building and an exposed bunker position on their right (my left). I don't think anybody will be brave or crazy enough to run across "Heroes Square" for fear of becoming a dead person - also I am still worried about my right flank (see below): 

So annoyingly the Germans have outplayed me in the Patrol Phase and are positioned in an advantageous Jump Off position that weakens my right flank (I seem to be getting fixated on this, best stop it). Not only that, Von Paul gains the initiative and rolls a bevy of squad deployments. Which means he has a squad on each of his Jump-Off points. No quick wins here! I have a crescent of angry Germans facing me with MG42s hard cover. This prompts me to deploy to the left and concentrate on what I perceive to be the Germans one weak position. I deploy a squad into what I call from now on "Pink Penguin House" (see below)

This Russian Squad's target is the rifle section from one of Von Paul's "large" three-team German Pioneer Squads (one rifle section and two MG42 teams, it's Panzer Grenadier plus!). Thankfully they have "previous" battle casualties (Von Paul has chosen to take his Campaign 'Toon for a 'run-out' whereas I am going for a fresh Soviet Platoon just to get a handle on how the Soviets play) so they are a Landser down here and there, not that I noticed (see below, these rifles are deemed in "light cover" to are my best target):     

Time now to set things off with a little bit of shooting. I am slightly disquieted at the thought I might not even get all of my troops on if Von Paul "gets the dice" and is aggressive. My Jump-Off points may be overrun before I know it! The Infantry Commander's mantra is after all "Am I being aggressive enough?" 

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