Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Dawn Patrol with the Canvas Eagles (Part 1) Opening Rounds

The Imperial German Air Service sends forth a "Dawn Patrol" of two Albatrosses (DVa, bottom right)  and a lone Pfalz (DIII, see below, bottom left) over the German lines, sometime in early 1918 (see below, note that the "hex terrain" is an ancient Battle Masters battle mat):

The Germans flyers spy in the distance a flight of three SE5a RFC aircraft and race towards them seeking combat (see below):

An errant mistake sees a novice pilot (not the stats, just me putting myself under the guns) lined up in the sights of a SE5a's Vickers which riddles his poor  Pfalz and send it into a "luckless spin". Luckily (?) the pilot has a lot of altitude to play with (to pull out of said spin) before he hits the ground hard (see below):

The planes intermingle chaotically. One Albatross in dire peril with a SE5a on its tail, meanwhile the other Albatross claims a tricky deflection shot on another fast moving SE5a (see below):

The dice are rolled and another Hun gets riddled with Vickers and Lewis machine gun rounds but just somehow manages to keep flying. This battle seems to be going the RFC's way (see below):

But there is a lot of fighting left to be done. Find out why they call it the "Twenty Minute Club!" in the RFC.


Lee Hadley said...

Cool mat and a good looking game.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The mat is as old as the hills ;)
I was wondering if I should make another that looks more WWI

Te game is fun and my children (7 and 13) started playing but "bugged out" as it was slower to play than the PS4 First Person Shooters that they are used to

Glad you liked it