Sunday, 13 May 2018

Getting ready to be a "Lardie Tanker"

In frenzied preparation for The TooFatLardies "What A Tanker" rules I have been assembling the 15mm tanks I had bought for no apparent purpose and left them in the loft. Hence I find myself making a PSC "Fury" (see below):

A PSC Panther Ausf G (see below, I am setting myself up for a late war clash [Note: The message on the tray is a note to my daughter who likes to 'play' with my paints ... or rather ruin them .. to please "stop"]):

The formations of three are forming up (see below):

The disparity between these medium tanks is 'stark' (see below, the Panther is a Fast Heavy IMHO, also see more of my "stop playing with my paints message" - it seems to have worked! I also gave her a set of my old paints as she actually is very arty):

Good luck Yanks this one looks a hard job (see below):

Nine tanks thrown together, yes the Matilda II's are not interested in playing with those Panthers (see below):

The kits are fast, neat and nice to make and I am just wondering why I didn't get into 15mm before and persisted with the 20mm obsession of mine! Let's not go there, I am just collecting everything now ;)


Lee Hadley said...

Getting into What a Tanker myself, so looking forward to seeing your progress.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Likewise Lee