Friday, 25 May 2018

28mm Russian Soviet Infantry (aka The Russians are Coming!) - Last Stages of Painting

Slightly out of sequence as these are the boys that fought in Heroes Square in the last Chain of Command Game in the Stalingrad play test. How the platoon is looking (see below): 

The uniform has been highlighted up form Vallejo [as per all the other colours mentioned here] English Uniform, washed brown, painted again, mixed with Khaki Grey and then Khaki. The grey fur hat was washed with Smoke and Stone Grey then mixed with white for a highlight (see below):

The Soviet LMG (a metal model from Black Tree) was similarly painted and the webbing and leather belt pouches were given a one colour fits all: Flat Brown, Leather Brown then Red Leather. The "blanket" is German Camo Beige which is highlighted with Pale Blue (see below):

"Later in the day" after various other dibs and dabs had been applied including sand to the base we have the table ready artefact. I hummed and 'arred but finally decided to give the Russians "eyes". After all I am not going to be collecting many of these (see below):

This one is a little "bug-eyed" and needed a little (wash and flesh) touch up to calm them down (see below):

Getting close to completion. All that remains to do is the basing, a washed grey, highlight and then as an artistic touch stained with layers of various red, yellow, green, blue, black and brown washes. Just to make then difference from "grey" (see below):

The platoon is now pronounced "ready for Stalingrad" although it still looks light with support assets!


Renko said...

Looking good. Being light on supports is understandable - getting across the Volga on a small boat with your personal kit is hard enough

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hmm the Germans had trucks and tracks eh?