Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Persians go a Wandering to Triples

There are many wargaming armies that contain mercenaries, but one of my wargaming armies is a true mercenary unit. It was loaned out by its owning warlord chieftain (me) to another wargaming overlord and sent wantonly rampaged across an Impetus '15mm cloth of gold' last weekend at Triples (see my 15mm Achaemenid Persian below):

Originally it was collected as a single DBA project that grew into a collection of several DBA projects from different manufacturers (Xth Legion, Chariot, Xyston), building up to a combined DBM/FoG sized army (hopefully at a distant point in the future). However, a touch of ingenuity was required (to avoid prohibitive destructive re-basing) to field an army based for Impetus. Multiples of DBA bases were stuck to a card block but instead of 'packing the area out with troops' only the front half was used. The remainder was annotated with the "troop characteristics", thus avoiding a 'too tightly packed' look and having the vital statistics ready to hand (see a close up of the Persian Cavalry and Greek Hoplite units below):

Pride of place are the Xyston miniatures followed a close second by those lovely Xth Legion (I still have to build a War Tower for Cyrus). How did they do? Mid-table respectability, "a win, a loss and a draw" but they had a damn good outing.

I'll be gaming Impetus with 15mm figures as well as 25mm with Impetus from now on, covering ancients as well as Renaissance ;)


Whisperin Al said...

Cleverly done. I'm pondering which manufacturer to go with for my Persians and Macedonians to scale up from DBA to FoG. Xyston look nice - any thoughts?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

You cannot compete with Xyston for quality, they are very, very NICE!

Expensive but well worth the extra DBA army :)

My Irregular "fill the gaps"but I've also eyed some nice Chariot (Xth Legion are nice but on the small 15mm side)