Sunday, 5 May 2013

Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) Russian 45mm AT and Inf 76mm Gun

The Plastic Soldier Company 1/72 (20mm) model assembly line continues a pace. This Bank Holiday weekend has been spent 'toiling' in the garden with the family during the day and relaxing at night with a beer and a pile of models from the PSC (see below, beer is out of camera shot).

This little packet of Russian (small calibre guns) is a god send from PSC as they fill the little nooks and crannies of the Russian Infantry orbat that requires AT defence and direct/indirect infantry gun support (see the range of four below):   

The family lines of the German Pak 36 (37mm AT gun) can be clearly seen in the gun shield design (courtesy of that secret Russo-German mutual cooperation pact in the 1930's). See below:
  • Left: The (long barrelled) 45mm M1942 AT gun - Note: This model fits in well with my Skytrex metal version of the same gun (but the PSC are a lot cheaper)
  • Right: The 76mm M1943 Infantry Gun 

The 1941 Barbarossa invasion meant that teh Soviet AT hopes fell upon the M1937 45mm AT gun which was about on par for the needs against the German lighter armour of the time. It soon found itself in an evolutionary arms race against the PzIII  and PzIV (see below).

The crews look "cute" too but I will make a move on them when I deal with the PSC "Summer Infantry" and other boxes of Russian Infantry I have waiting lined up.