Monday, 13 May 2013

My First CrossFire Game: Opteroon Crossroads (Part III)

The Umpire's narrative continues ...

The German Player:
Sgt Rhomer was a veteran of the East Front. Seizing the initiative he worked his way around the left of the village. Cautiously he infiltrated around the rear of 1st Platoon HMG position, then launched a vicious close assault, clearing the building. Seeing his success, the remainder of his platoon rapidly followed him.

The US Player:
Stott realised his position was being flanked, but with First platoon pinned in a firefight and Second now non operational he only had Third platoon available. He tried to pull them back to redeploy but they were pinned by accurate rifle fire.          

Both commanders were interested in the same building, seeing it as the linchpin of the contest (see below):

Stott realised he had to lead by example. He rushed to 1st platoon, who were suffering from accurate mortar and HMG fire, and tried to rally them. If he could restore order, at least they had a chance. The men rallied, but at that moment a devastating salvo of 8cm mortar bombs crashed into the position, wiping out much of 1st Platoon. Stott staggered from the position, stunned, not realising he was in view of the flanking German MG42....................

Meanwhile the US troops on the right flank (US)wondered what the hell was going on past the still burning Sherman that had been supposed to be supporting them (see below, their inactivity was a result of the CrossFire initiative passing system):

The German assault was so successful because they had infiltrated the rear of the US position. The first target was the 30 calibre MG position that was causing the German central position so much "suppressive' problems.

Rhomer pressed on to the rear on the next American building containing a suppressed American infantry stand (see below):

The rest of the Rhomer's platoon followed into the breach and established a firing line into the rear of the American company commanders position in the protected lee of a building, but the protection was facing the wrong way and the US troops were caught naked in the "open". Three three full infantry squads and an attached MG42 blazed away (see below): 

Two thirds of the American "order of battle" (two platoons plus the supporting armour asset) had now been destroyed. Only one 'reduced' US platoon remained on the board, hunkered down in their "last" strong point waiting the inevitable German assault.

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