Friday, 6 November 2009

British HQ section and a few "Odds and Sods"

The previous British were all Platoon 20, to that I can easily testify as I can remember buying them. However in my unpainted "silver legions" collection I found these WWII Brits, a curious set of seven unidentified figures (see below) which I think fit nicely into the Platoon 20 range, adding a bit of pose variety.



I "think" I picked them up ages ago when I bought a bargain lot from a now defunct model shop in Edinburgh called Mac's Models, which used be on the prestigious Royal Mile leading up to Edinburgh Castle. Does anyone recognise them and can they name the manufacturer (at a guess I was thinking perhaps Drew's Militia, but my feeble Googling has not found a positive photo match)?

Brit late-war (Cross-Fire) Infantry Company Project Status: This leaves me now wanting a HMG and a deployed 2" Mortar team. (Note: I have a few chaps carrying a 2" mortar tube, for me these are good enough to use as normal foot soldiers, as is the Bren gunner, I really want a depolyed crew for visual effect.)

Time to get the order form out :)

Stop Press: Order en route from East Riding Miniatures: A Vickers HMG, a 2" Mortar, a 3" Mortar and a pack of advancing rifleman (ordered and dispatched the same day). Tony from ERM also assured me the metal now used is of a much superior mix and is not brittle.



Paul said...

I quite like your basing Geordie, do a post on your technique.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I will see what I can do for you ;)

Wargames Recon said...

Hi Geordie
I think i can help a little bit with identification if you are still wondering .Its quite possible that a few of the figures are from an old range known as MLR designed by a guy called Dave Alsop .Sadly he has passed on and i,m fairly certain that the moulds for this range and another excellent range of 20mm ww2 and Spanish Civil War ranges trading under the banner of Hotspur were absorbed by an American company.I last remember the figures you have being on sale approaching 20 years agoin this country!
As you may know , there was another great range from FAA. This company is now located in the USA and some of the old MLR range are available from FAA
Anyway apologies if i,ve bored you , but hopefully it might be of some use

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Recon,

I am indebted to you

I have long wondered where they came from and am glad they fit in with the Platoon 20 I have

I have some FAA French and Polish Infantry figures (gathering dust in my box of silver) wanting an application of paint (long overdue)

I never got round to getting his Romanians and Norwegians to my loss

Thanks again I found the info most interesting :)