Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Valiant's GI's Passing Out Parade

The excitement was tangible, the final dry brush of the base and ceremonial flock complete, the first sprue of Valiant 1944 GI's (all sixteen) were wargame ready. Squeezed in for the camera below, front facing:

And back:

True I have already spotted some catch up jobs to do. I don't like the helmet straps (green instead of brown) and I didn't pluck up the courage to paint the US flag on the sleeves of the jackets, as per the Flames of War painting guide description. These can wait for another day (if ever).

They are colourful and playful enough for my liking :)


Arquinsiel said...

It's suprisingly easy to paint a "At Arm's Length" standard American flag on the shoulders of these guys. I tried it on my 506th along with the screaming eagle and both worked out alright. The trick is to just go for the impression of a flag/unit patch rather than a tiny reproduction of it.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Well my painter's honour has been challenged, we'll have to see if I too can can up with teh goods. The above boys may have to have a return trip to the painting table ;)