Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bogland Terrain and Army Composition

Just to flesh out a few details from my HoTT campaign world

  • No road infrastructure as it encourages humans
  • No woods, they "would" (ahem) encourage elves
  • Flies, lots of flies, everywhere, nice juicy flies
  • Rough ground everywhere to trip things up like silly men in plate armour
  • No rivers as such but plenty of pools of stagnant water for things to "lurk" about if you get my meaning
  • Hills yeah, nasty little steep hills, horses could break their ankles on those
  • Pits of snakes and things, and lots of biting beetles
  • Lots of Orcs, nasty evil ones
Prime time real-estate really, yet for so,e reason in its entire recorded history no neighbouring country has yet successfully invaded it, or for that matter expressed a wish to, bar the DREGS who got lost and couldn't find it!

Trolls, you got to love them and fear then, even if they are on your side! These are of the more modern Games Workshop ilk of 28mm offerings.

The Bogland Orc Army:
  • 1 x Warband (General)
  • 1 x Warband
  • 8 x 5Hd
  • 1 x Troll (Behemoth)
  • 2 x Beasts
  • 2 x Riders

Technically not based as a true hoard, but it gives you a feel of what you expect to see. Again, old, old AD&D figures finding a second lease of life (although based incorrectly). My HoTT army painting is slowly taking form in GW LOTR figures. For the campaign I am borrowing some 15mm orcs.

Bogland Army Battle Honours:
  • Victorious slaughter against the unwashed DREG's in the Battle for Smale (now called Lesser Bogland)
  • A completely routed contingent in the Battle of Dwarf Rock (but we don't talk about that much and it's the last time we try and help a rival Orc clan kill dwarves in armour with pointy things)
Mottoes and Sayings: 
  • Never wash or fight fair
  • Make sure that elf is really dead
  • If it's good enough for a rat or flies to eat, it's good meat
  • Why? The Boss said so

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