Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Painting Tray Update

Back into the swing of things and the PBI of all (Western) nations are marching across the table:

For those of keen eye they will see:
  • The first sprue of (16) Valiant US GI Infantry standing proudly center stage (on their passing out parade as it were) : Final verdict, yes big even next to metals, but I like them, and I don't think even infantry need to be (or should be) in hand to hand combat on the wargames table.
  • Sitting on the first row of paint pots behind them is a Grey/Dark Green mass of German Revell Panzer Grenadiers in their early undercoating stage, it will be very interesting to see how these pan out with teh Vallejo paints
  • Behind the Germans on top of some taller paint pots, ahead of the Germans in the painting process, my third batch (Cross Fire platoon) of late-war Platoon 20 British Infantry mid way through their painting. I am approaching the project target here (a Cross Fire infantry company), in fact I may need to order some "bits and bobs" from East Riding Miniatures to finish it off in a tidy (same manufacturer) fashion.
  • Alas the minions of Moria are still stuck in a painting stasis behind them, but I am warming to their glare and feel the LOTR itch approaching
  • Likewise no additional progress to report on the Hetzer, but a Normandy 1944 scenario versus the Brits beckons
  • Similarly the Hurricane and Boulton Paul Defiant remain grounded due to bad flying conditions and very much the wrong early war period for my current burst of painting activity.
In summary some nice progress made/making :)