Monday, 2 November 2009

Note to self: 15mm Early Imperial Roman Painting Scheme

These Romans were painted a couple plus years ago, though if my memory serves me right, definitely not longer than five. It seems like yesterday but if truth be told I am not a fast painter and this is rather a a few DBA armies back down the production line. The point of this meandering is that the paints I used were from Games Workshop, chosen on the basis that the only other paint manufacturer I was really familiar with was Tamiaya. They were good for WW2 camouflages but rather limited in the Ancient era, I should clarify, one seeking a painting by numbers scheme.

The route my army took was as follows:

Preparation: A two stage undercoat:
Undercoated: Chaos Black
Experimentally wet/dry brushed with Codex Grey leaving lots of dark recesses.

Shade Colours:
Tunic and Shield: Scarab Red
Metal chain/segmenta/other metals: BoltGun
Flesh: Dark Flesh
Gold Trimmings: Tin Bits or Dwarf Bronze (TBC)
Wood: Scorched Brown

Highlight Colours:
Tunic and Shield: Scarab Red mixed with Blood Red (as I did not have the intermediate Gore Red to hand)
Metal chain/segmenta/other metals: Chainmail
Flesh: Dwarf Flesh and dabs of Elf Flesh
Gold Trimmings: Shiny Gold
Wood: Bestial Brown and a tad of Snakebite Leather

Shield Design:
Gold Trimmings and Red (as above)
Shield Design (all hand painted with feather technique, reducing the lighter shades to live inside areas of darker shade): Bubobic Brown, Golden Yellow, Golden Yellow + touch of Skull White
Note: I had to retouch the shield's red after shield's design had been painted.

Base was textured Milliput (stippled with an old toothbrush)
Painted: (A watery) Chaos Black
(Shade) Dry/Wet brushed: Snakebite Yellow
(Base) Dry/Wet brushed: Snakebite Yellow + some Fortress Gery
(Slightest of Highlight) Dry brush: Fortress Grey
Static Grass then PVA'ed on.

Now there they stand waiting to defend or expand the Empire. If only I would paint those Thracians or buy some Gauls I could solo game with them ;)

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