Thursday, 5 November 2009

Third Cross-Fire Platoon of British Tommies

Coming hot on the heels of the Americans I shipped my third platoon of late-war British Platoon 20 infantry into the wargame ready box:

Front facing:

And rear:

The process and poses are becoming very familiar to me now which tells its own story. Just the company HQ and heavy weapons section (Vickers HMG and 2" Mortar Section) to fill out now. A Normandy moving off the beaches to take a German strong-point scenario is forming up in my mind, specifically for Cross-Fire.

As a footnote, my number of completed Brits now outstrips my novice camera skills of trying to fit them all into one shot, so the wide angle company advancing will have to wait until the above wargame comes to pass. Time also to start work on their opponents, Revell's plastic Panzer Grenadiers!

Note: I received email confirmation Tony from ERM that the Platoon 20 figures now use (and have done for quite a long time) a better mix of metal to avoid the previous incarnation's tendency to be a bit brittle. This is good news for people as clumsy as me.


Monty said...

Love it, Geordie - I'm a crossfire fan too, mate and glad to see it still bubbling away under the surface. I'm looking into suitable 1/72nd scale figures and wonder what you recommend. I am toying with going down the classic Airfix route (boyhood memories etc) but haven't decided yet.
All the best,

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I would put the nostalgia aside as I think the Airfix figures suffer too much from soft plastic and time weary molds. I purchased a set of World War One French Infantry and they look dated and are very bendy.

I don't think you can co wrong with either Revell's figures or Italeri's "new molds" in hard plastic or Italeri's old Esci releases, in again that hard plastic.

However I cannot put down the new boys on the block, Valiant miniatures. If you are starting from a clean slate I would honestly go for them :)

Paul said...

Some really nice work coming along here Geordie, well done!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Paul

The next challenge id=s from wargame ready to wargame tabletop and a few action photos :)

Monty said...

Cheers, Geordie,
I have tried the freebie Valiant sprue on WGI recently, loved 'em and posted the results,; my only concern is their size and compatibilty with other maufacturer's vehicles etc.