Wednesday, 11 November 2009

German Supports and Officers

Two nice bits from the Revell Panzer Grenadier box is their representation of the MG teams. Six two man teams per box, three static and three moving in nice animated poses:

The officers give good variety, particularly the observation "V" binoculars which is a classic for a higher command base, one per pack, but with three other officer types make a very useful four in the pack (one shown below, you can spot the other two in the First German Platoon).

The only omission for a complete OoB is the lack of a mortar unit, which I will make up from a metal manufacturer (SHQ and I think Drew's Militia in my case). As I mentioned earlier painting the plastic figures has a very different feel to the metals, namely the flatter feel to the detailing and less voluminous feel to the figure. The Revell boys show off their stuff below:

I think we are about ready to cook (as in all the figures are ready for it) with that first Cross Fire Normandy scenario I was mentioning (when I get to play it is another matter).


MiniatureZone said...

Good stuff. The Revell set is a favourite of mine. If you want a compatible mortar team to go with those Revell figures, I can heartily recommend the Pegasus mortar set as the figures have the same "style" and look.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Muchas Gracias :)

I will keep a look out in my local modal store.

Al said...

Very nice painting mate. I too would recommend the Pegasus set, 80 & 120mm in the same box. Keep up the good work.


Monty said...

Love 'em Geordie, the poses in particular with this set are excellent. I am looking forward to painting mine up.
Any idea where compatible(ish) HMG teams can be found?

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I'm looking out for the recommended Pegasus sets, I have a set of 1939 Germans which contain a HMG but I cannot see a mortar tube. I will have to Google ;)

Monty said...

Cheers mate!