Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Modelling: Small MDF basing material from "The Works"

I found these intriguing and potentially very useful 'in high street' from The Works. Small circular (of various sizes) and hexagonal (again of various sizes) bases that seem to be crying out for figures to be mounted on! (see following pictures below):

Circles: With my playing around with some Cold War Soviets from PSC, three rifles to a base on a large circle, a two man RPG team on a smaller circle and I forgot to include a Commander on a tiny one. A 2p piece is shown for purposes of scale (see below):

Hexes: No figures attached yet. I have a suspicion that these might be more useful for Naval and Air combat. Again a 2p piece is shown for purposes of scale (see below):

You get 110 piece for two pounds sterling  in the circles and hexes so the price comparison with alternatives is good. They "feel" better than metal IMHO. In addition I found these "spikey circles" full of potential, these are eight for a quid (see below):

I have in mind painting them (and potentially putting a few cosmetic debris  items on them) for Chain of Command "Jump-Off" markers rather than my stand-in poker chits. There are various other potential uses for these as counters and the like.


Lee Hadley said...

Looks useful. I'll keep an eye open for these.

Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

I bough several packets of the circles and the hexes. Both can be bought online from THE WORKS. No idea what I'll use them for ... but I'm sure that something will spring to mind.

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Likewise my only thought was .. these must surely come in handy .. cannot quite think what for but ... there must be a use .. one packet didn't seem enough ;)

I wonder if there is a support group I can join
CoW might tip me the other way ;)