Thursday, 24 May 2018

When I need to just to "reset my thoughts" .. I paint Sci-Fi, the "trashier the better" ;)

From a gratuitous Space Marine Terminator (from my "holiday toy shop sale moment") that in intend to use in Space Crusade (see below, I have not decided which 'Chapter' to bulk up - his 'native' land is the Ultra Marines):

To a variety of randomly collected "charity shop" Space Marines - again destined to await a hideous fate in an interstellar Space Hulk (see below, once primed they got the Sepia Wash treatment):

And it is just plain fun! And I feel cleansed afterwards. Not bugged by the demon of historical accuracy .. whatever goes in Sci-Fi and that's why I randomly collect it. This stuff is GW but that is just chance ;)


Robbie Rodiss said...

In order to 'reset' my figure painting I will paint a 1/32 Airfix figure. I find it therapeutic and due to its size I need to paint them differently. It does me a power of good.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


I have been know to do that too!
Different is good