Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Bren Carrier photos from Shildon Museum visit

As well as Tim Peake's capsule I notice a Bren Carrier on a flat-bed carraige. I could not help myself and took a closer look (see below):

The Divisional Insignia is from the Polar Bears, who for the most of the war garrisoned Iceland then were transferred to fight in Normandy. Interestingly when you see something in the flesh (or metal) you suddenly realise what 'stupid' painting assumptions you make (see below, my 'bits of wood' are never ask coloured as below - but a much darker brown):

The 'not so spacious' Bren Carrier interior - I think Tim Peake and his fellow cosmonauts might well feel at home in such tight a space (see below):

Final note: Bronze Green! With a satin or gloss finish to it. I need to either repaint mu late-war British kit or apply "thick layers of mud" to them!

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