Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Look what I found while wandering about WH Smiths! A 1/72 Stug III (O-Series)

It had been absolutely ages since I had ventured through the doorway of WH Smith, a place I had considered "an oasis of joy" as a kid. I had intended to "pick up a mag" (wargaming) - again something I had not done in ages (years). Sadly the copy of Wargames Illustrated lacked the interest for me to part with a £5. Sad but true. On the way out, feeling frustrated, I noticed a cardboard FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit) with a variety of "magazines" with hobby toys attached to them and decided to have a mooch  - previously I had found 1/144 scale planes and the like in it. I then had a "stop me in my tracks" moment as this stared up at me (see below):

A magazine and a really nice looking 1/72 model kit - far better than the typical "tank collector series" stuff. A Stug III (O-Series), the "original" prototypes, before the Ausf A. The only upsetting thing was that it was issue 3 .. I had missed a PzIIa and PzIIIa early war versions (and I mean really early war versions, things not in my collection). Check out the stuff from IBG Models it all looks esoteric and well researched! Dare I mention the Hungarian Toldi I, II and III; the Hungarian Turan I, II and III; the Swedish M38, M39 and M40 and Japanese Type 89 in various forms to whet your appetite?

It also means I have a third early Stug III. One O-Series to go with my two Fujimi Stug III Ausf A's so guess what I could play "What a Tanker" with them ;)


Lee Hadley said...

I looked at this on Sunday but I'm not a 1/72 collector so have it a miss. Nice looking model though.

Robbie Rodiss said...

I know what you mean about Wargames Illustrated although I confess I bought it simply because I wanted some wargaming reading material. Cracking model by the way.

Simon Jones said...

I do not buy many Wargames magazines now, unless they have an article on Congo or something I am really interested in. They are much of a muchness. I feel they are a bit of a waste of money.

Al said...

Good score old friend