Thursday, 17 May 2018

Dawn Patrol with the Canvas Eagles (Part 2) Finale

No sooner had the RFC flyers confidence been boosted by riddling two German planes with bullets they experienced an event that literally brought them "down to earth". Or rather one of their comrades. A huge fireball explosion stunned the flyers of both sides as a "lucky shot" exploded a SE5a's fuel tank. Instant KIA (see below):

The RFC retaliation was brutally swift as an Albatross's wings folded back and canvas splayed against the wind. The plane plunging wildly out of control. Both sides planes now drew back to take stock as a fourth SE5a entered the fray and a second Pfalz (the dead players neatly took up a new plane each).  The final contest was about to begin with each sides pilots checking their fuel gauges (see below):

The RFC possessed a killer pilot whose innate cunning took the fight to the Germans; finding himself in a target rich environment he pressed on, lining up a 'tail' on the damaged Yellow Pfalz. The Pfalz was caught in the cross-hairs of the SE5a and a nicely aimed burst hit its engine. The engine spluttered to a stop and the plane started to glide. More bullets then tore into its already damaged tail. Suffering critical damaged an air-frame integrity check was required. Simply put, the tail then 'fell off' and the Pfalz hurtled to oblivion (see below):

Seeing this carnage unfold the remaining Blue Pfalz "bugged out" and disappeared into the clouds. The final Albatross was almost caught but mistimed moves by the RFC meant that it had a close brush with death, taking a pilot wound as it disappeared into a cloud bank. It could have been much worse if the RFC had been just that bit sharper (see below):

The RFC had won the day and could claim "air superiority",  2-1 kills and two shot-up Germans chalked-up for the brave pilots of  Dawn Patrol (see below):

Meanwhile in aerodromes East and West of the trenches young pilots were mounting their machines for "Noon Patrol". To be continued ...

As usual 'acres' of fun had by all. I much prefer the visual appeal of miniatures and actually prefer Canvas Eagles to Wings of War.


Lee Hadley said...

Excellent write up of this game. Very enjoyable to read.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Lee
Glad you liked it mate ;)
I would like to play more :)

We have plans to take it to the Stockton Parade Ground show later on this year with a slightly bigger table

Hopefully we could make it a participation game but would have to make the rules really user friendly!