Thursday, 4 October 2012

Just Putting Plastic Things Together (GW 40K kit - TAU): Part I

Well fresh back from the 40K dice fest and I wandered casually over to my box of unmade Sci-Fi things to see what I could find of 'interest' (playing a game always has a certain stimulating effect ["like the smell of napalm in the morning"] of regenerating new interest in a previously dormant period/genre ... just to do a little bit of something). I am also in a 'take a break from painting mode', so the modelling knife and liquid plastic glue comes out looking for a relatively simple project. Target#1 is a Tau HQ Unit, hmm, a Crisis XV8 Battlesuit, or £15+ to GW for a robot looking thing to you and me (see below): 

It snips together quite nicely, but I decide to ignore the only mount three weapons of its "hard-points". It has 'five' sites so it gets five things attached (I am following on from the liberating viewpoint of my eldest but still pre-teen son - just make it look really good dad). After a short bit of mode-making frustration holding it together just long enough while the glue takes hold (Note: I just used normal Revell Liquid Poly in its construction) I finally set it down (see below):   

Not bad, but at that price 'one' of them will have to do for me. Also in the model pack was a couple of gun drones (see below, hunting a couple of ripper swarms) which is a nice add to my collection to make my "task force" up to group up to four.

Tau is nice kit, but hat next will attract my 'fiddling fingers' attention? I'll come back to paint it another day ;)

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