Friday, 5 October 2012

A Little Bit of Painting Catchup .. GW (Again) Tyranid Warriors

This was more of a "painting push" than a project as I had expanded out my Vallejo colour paints range to cover the gaps made by "dried up" GW pots and I had a nice range of greens to play - Orky or Alien. So I went for "Alien".

Alien#1 = Nasty Claws for Close Combat and gory Sci-Fi "rending scenes": 

Alien#2 = Complementary Gunner with a Long Range Organic Bio-Cannon (Barbed Stinger?)  

Alien#3= Boss Alien Albino (Mutant Size) and a tribute to the individuality of my eldest son, wanting nothing of how GW says you should build the model, slaps on gigantic Scything Talons and he biggest cannon he can find (a Death Spitter?) :)

All painted, all hey need now is some astronauts to terrorize

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