Sunday, 14 October 2012

School Project Time: WWII

My eldest son is doing all about WWII a school, so as part of his homework we had to do a "special" project. We where do I start? I wanted to do everything ;)

What about a Spitfire! The one I had in mind was a 1:48 scale Airfix Spitfire Vb kit I had lying around. Too big for my general wargaming purposes but perfect for "small hands" to get a grip of. See below for how she stands in the "undercoated black" stage.


My main job was getting it through the construction (aka put it together with glue and don't get stuck) stage to the 'large areas' to paint stage where my son could help me finish it, but needless to say I had some fun on the way with the pilot (see below):

Most of it will be lost behind to sight the perspex canopy but it was fun painting the 1/48 scale pilot (see below) and I am inclined to drift to the bigger figures as my eyesight wanes: 

We opted for the 1941 European version (as opposed to the Middle East, Desert Air Force Version with the funny tropical air intake/exhaust). I especially like the fact in 1/48 scale you see extra little details such as the rear view mirror, to protect your six, on top of the pilots canopy (see below, you can just make it out):   

After first dismissing he bigger scale planes, I am now warming to them, in particular the fighters. They certainly have more immediate impact and substance with the youngsters as they fit nicely into their hands without 'immediately' breaking things off.

A Spitfire seems a very fitting post for No.500 methinks :)


Tim Gow said...

That sounds like the sort of school project I'd have liked!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

My first thought was ... where to start? ... then I thought why can't I do more than one thing? ... then I thought why can't I do it all? ... then my wife said "Remember it's HIS project!" ... then I sulked for a bit :( but then my lad asked for help :)

Paul said...

Well done on the 500 mark Geordie. The price of the 1/48 and the where do I put them issue always have kept me away from them.

Good for the lad however!

Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Congrats, we can feel the words of a proud father. It seems a good work, I hope he will obtain good notes.

Monty said...

Very nice, all round ;)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I've go to do the bomber as well Monty ;)

Thanks Pablo
There are certain benefits to fatherhood :)