Thursday, 12 September 2013

1/720-1/600 WWII Naval Arms Race

The German WWII Naval response to the latest RN Destroyer acquisition (aka HMS Kipling) is the KM Blucher (sister ship to the KM Admiral Hipper). A ship with an interesting demise in Norwegian waters in 1940, as to be the only ship I know of (and that knowledge is not necessarily encyclopaedic) to be sunk by land based torpedoes (built ironically by Krupps of Germany)! Serves you right for invading a foreign country I guess (see below):

This one could be a very 'slow build' as it has been strategically placed at my fathers and gets some Sunday attention while the children are playing in the garden (or more likely watching Cartoon Network on the TV) and I quietly slip upstairs to the back room with a cup of tea ;)

What rules I hear you ask? Fletcher Pratt on a very large grass lawn methinks!

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