Sunday, 1 September 2013

For those of Naval (WWI) disposition ...

Something for the weekend sir?

The curious affair of the Goeban and the Breslau in the opening weeks of the First World War is a compelling "murder mystery" that could have well had many different endings.

Thanks to the Internet Archive a rare book by one of the admirals involved is available through this link:

It is not a 'heavy' read but best read after a more modern history book (For example Van Der Vat's book on the Goeban, or Castles of Steel), it puts quite a 'sad case' (IMHO) of 'why it was not my fault' and was written in response to the 1920 Admiralty 'Official History' by Sir Julian Corbett

It all but begs for a mini-campaign (which I believe is available in an old issue of Strategy and Tactics) 


Sun of York said...

I can remember this game, but sadly not playing it. There was also a scenario for the SPI game Dreadnought that was published in MOVES magazine way back then I believe.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Thanks Son of York

That's teh one I was thinking of
SPI not a S&T then