Friday, 6 September 2013

Can you see what it is yet? It's my last [American] Sherman: (Part III)

And it came to pass that I put the turret onto the hull (see below):

And then I put the hull cover onto the chassis (see below)

Now:  "Can you see what it is yet?" The Sherman form is emerging.

But I still have to complete the rear engine deck (but I also need to paint the insides first) and put the tracks on ... this is a modelling diary in a 'stop-start' mode, more 'bitty' than usual.


Al said...

Nice Geordie, good choice of models

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Al

The Iataleri/Esci Sherman is quite nostalgic but in a way an "overly complex' for what is needed

But I am still an addict

And as per Tim Gow's laughter on my "last Sherman", I did say American Sherman

Though technically I could do with a Command M4A3 (instead of my nominated M4 76mm)

Putting then tigether is also teh easy part, painting and decalling them takes the most time for me sadly