Friday, 27 September 2013

Winter Club Project: Thirty Years Year Campaign

Something for the "dark winter nights" sir? A wargame campaign seething with historical religious persecution and long standing injustices, backed with frequent and bloody battles? Welcome to the Thirty Years War and all that that entails. 

This inevitably will be a long runner, so the campaign system is taken from a tried and tested GMT board game (called surprisingly "The Thirty Years War") and is a card driven system which produces much variety within a believable historical framework (see below): 

The figures are beautiful 25/28mm, shown above are horse (Pistols), Hoards of angry Peasants and the deadly "shot". I cannot explain why I didn't put some Pike into the frame too as they are still a force to be reckoned with. Classic stuff. Suitable battles will be carried to the tabletop and translated into DBR armies dependant upon the quantity and composition of counters in the campaign armies. My only misgiving is the rule set (DBR) but at least in this period it is 'far less complicated' than its ancient DBM cousin. My favoured Impetus rule set, to my incomplete knowledge, does not seem to have stretched to the 30YW (yet)

I have also been requested to paint some 'cavalry' if possible (see below):

I will have to make a trip up into the 'loft' to see if I have any suitable ECW or 30YW figures. Spiders beware here I come! IMHO it is always good to try and link a painting project with a (long running) campaign so that before the end of the said campaign you can boast fielding a 'new unit' of troops into the fray.


András Szilvásy said...

Lately I have been considering a TYW campaign myself, not on a large scale though - I haven't tested my campaign rules in the long run yet. First I will have to do some more figs actually.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Once you reach the "critical figure mass" I think there is a lot of potential for a good TYW campaign

None of the collections we will be using are mine, but comprise a good decade+ worth of collecting

I am hoping to contribute a units or two, plus dodgy generalship and some lousy dice throws ;)

Phil said...

Looking good!