Monday, 16 September 2013

Chain of Command: "The First Game" (Part III)

The Advance: 

A Bren section (on over-watch) covers the advance across "Muddy Somme Field" with no Germans in sight (see below):

Suddenly it turns into a race to the hedge line. A British rifle section pitted against an MG42 team (gulp!). I do hope the British still teach the "mad minute" in infantry training (see below):

Speaking of MG42 teams, here are another two moving up and positioning themselves on the left (see below):

The British rifle section wins the race and manned the hedge line with four rifles who pour fire on the German MG42 team as it moves into position, but only manage to give them one shock counter (see below):

Note: Sadly one "shock" in the Chain of Command rules does not adversely effect the German's performance :( 

Memorable moment in my wargaming history #1

Good Dice: Needing 5's and 6's to hit the (the Germans targets being in hard cover) the left hand flank Bren opens up and gets a spectacular five out a maximum six hits. That takes out three out of a four man MG42 team and gives the left flanks "a turn or two" breathing space :) 

But ... "What goes around  comes around!"

The MG42 team pours return fire back into the "British hedge line" and the British PBI learn to respect the MG42 the hard way (see below):  

It is getting quite "sticky" in "Somme Field". If only the British has a "smoke maker" (50mm mortar asset or the 81mm FOO in the British Order of Battle).

Next: Anybody got a smoke?

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