Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Chain of Command: "The First Game" (Part V)

Windy Corner turns "Nasty":

The combined efforts of three (and a half) MG42 Teams were trained on the valiant Bren gun section covering the extreme right of the British line, giving the position the nickname of "Windy Corner". The MG42's continuous fire strangely makes little or no immediate impression thanks to the hard cover and bad German dice throws (see below):

However this allows the British commander (ahem, me) to become completely complacent regarding this exposed and potentially dangerous position. Suddenly the British Bren were no longer returning any fire as "They were all dead sir!" and with that the British left flank crumbled (see below)

The British Counter-Attack on the Right:

Meanwhile a mad (but nevertheless brave) British corporal had his "dander" up and decided to lead the remaining men (four from the original six) of his section in a 'do or die' charge on the "hedge of death". (see below):

The umpire drily then informed me that the Germans 'all things considered' had slightly more dice than me (gulp) and my hopes of a 'quick win' were somewhat diluted. The dice were rolled and the 'bloody fight' saw the British come out on top two dead to the German four dead (see below):

Revise that, the German NCO was moving and only wounded so was promptly taken prisoner! (see below)

The only German remaining, the MG42 gunner, had seen enough and was (literally) heading off table. (see below):

And there gents we had to call it as playing time on the night ran out.

Despite the heroic counter-attack the British position was looking perilous. Discretion was looking far more plausible than valour as the Germans were winning on body count. Still the valuable German NCO prisoner should count for something back at Company HQ.

All0-in-all a good run out with the rules and lots of food for though. I will definitely be trying Chain of Command out again!

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