Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Chain of Command: "The First Game" (Part IV)

"Smoke, Smoke! Give me Smoke!". I found the world is a much better place once you get your support assets on table. British Infantry should go nowhere until it gets a 50mm mortar (or bigger - sadly my 81mm was still stuck 'off table' in limbo for all game) on table! (see below): 

With the deadly MG42 now out of line of sight of the British Infantry and hence quiet, the Tommies could regain some of their "stiff upper lip" composure by removing all of their nasty shock markers. In fact they got so cocky that they prepared for a counter attack straight across the lane into the "hedge of death" (see below):  

The Bren section crept around the corner of the field in order to give some covering fire assistance. I think this might be called tactics? (see below):

Meanwhile the German player activated his menacing ensemble of MG42 squads (see below): 

All this fancy German movement (see below) put three full strength MG42 squads and one damaged MG42 team (which was now actually no more than "a single [dangerous] sman holding onto a MG42 but still rolling seven dice instead of ten) all concentrating on the British left flank, in particular one covering Bren section. 

I think that is called fire-power.

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