Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Oldest Game of War (I Play): Chess

After twenty five years of inactivity the "local" Chess Club have enticed me back with an "old beginners class".

Naturally I was annihilated four times by better players (one humorously very drunk, while I was getting a little bit mellow myself). My highlight of the night was a proudly staged a Dunkirk style evacuation from the board in one game, making my opponent fight for every inch and pawn of the board. It will probably take me four years of practice before I come back with a D-Day win.

Missed rolling a dice though, it didn't quite seem to qualify as a game because of that! Good fun and the "leaning curve" has started all over again.


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Monty said...

Can't beat chess - I've been playing it (badly) since I was a kid and not progressed beyond the sprawling, messy and quick spats I tend to lose...
I've taken to playing it again (on low difficulty setting) on my phone during the commute to work ;)