Tuesday, 3 September 2013

RN J-K Class Destroyer: HMS Kipling (Revell 1/700 Kit - HMS Kelly Variant)

This is a nice little kit. Many a fiddly part to it but it is nevertheless a welcome addition to the 1/600 to 1/720 "little big ship" range bulging out my loft (see below):

I opted for the 1940's HMS Kipling (Home Fleet) version in preference to the HMS Kelly (Mediterranean) version as it was more slightly suited to the "Phoney War to Dunkirk" era. She is a lovely ship in profile (see below): 

The only problem to the assembly came in the form of a missing "gun shield" that could not be found in the packet anywhere and I presume must have been a casualty in factory handling (see rear gun turret below, bottom left of photograph):

Still the German based "spares department" has promised to deliver the missing part in two-six weeks. Is it coming by U-Boat?

Still it is a lovely model and I plan to get "at least" another to make the HMS Kelly variant (and I could easily go on to fit out a flotilla if pushed).


Paul Foster said...

I love the "Is it coming by U-Boat?" phrase Geordie.

She is a looker mate!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...