Sunday, 15 September 2013

Chain of Command: "The First Game" (Part II)

The Germans start showing up at their JUMP OFF POINTS. A German Panzer Grenadier section, that's two MG42 teams (yes that's two, count them) lining a hedge (see below):

Another section of Panzer Grenadiers take hold of the building in the centre of the table (yes that is now four teams of MG42's to look out for) and seal off two of the three corners to the Tommies portion of the battlefield (see below):

The final section is sealed by yet another section of Panzer Grenadiers (gulp, that is six MG42 teams) as the Tommies hear the receding noise of the German Hanomags. The British have been hindered in their deployment by a German pre-game barrage (see below): 

Finally the British manage to get three infantry sections and a senior officer onto the table but no immediate supports. I did not realise how important this was as the the British infantry relies on the 50mm mortar to supply smoke cover for the rifle sections advance. Advancing without this asset is a treacherous business. The British start advancing across the 'muddy' field (see below):

This whole thing does not look "safe" to me, oh how I wish I had the back-up cover of smoke. With hindsight perhaps I should have stayed put until the platoons supports arrived (see below):

Does anyone remember a battle called "The Somme"?


Whisperin Al said...

I played Panzer Grenadiers in my first game and having bucket load of MG42s certainly gives you some advantages!

Mike Whitaker said...

Fascinating :D

One thing you will discover, especially if you read through some of the TFL action reports - deploy late. Make your opponent commit. :D

And, too, deploy that mortar good and early. It's your BEST friend.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Al, having been on the receiving end I have respect for the MG42 team!

Cheers Mike, I never go anywhere without my mortar now ;)

I think I'll be playing lots of "Chain of Command" as it is certainly a thought provoking set of rules