Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ship Building WIP (Large 1:1 Scale) Queen Elizabeth CV

While on holiday in Scotland recently I passed through Edinburgh crossing the road bridge going north. Admiring the scenery and rather lost in thoughts of Beatty's battle-cruisers the 5th Battle Squadron at Jutland I almost swerved when I saw a strange naval grey shape off to my left. I trailed the family down to Rosyth, they couldn't quite understand my excitement and errant sense of direction. There is something quite magical when "daddy" gets fixated on something, the family give each other curious looks trying to understand "what's got into him. I was determined to get a closer look, but to my disappointment I could not get a good view. Two helpful BAE Systems people told me that you got a much better view from across the river, so I set myself an expedition for the following day (see below):

Can you see what it is? Nothing more than the almost completed CV "HMS Queen Elizabeth". I sat there watching her with my oldest son, eating our McDonald's quite transfixed thinking I should continue my 1/3000 RN naval collection through to the modern post 1945 period.

A project for 2015 perhaps

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