Monday, 4 August 2014

Holiday Haul

My holiday trip to Edinburgh came up trumps on the model front (see below):
  • 1/700 USS Fletcher from Revell
  • Micro Wings US Pacific Planes
  • Valiant British 6 pdr AT gun 

The Valiant kit is nice to go alongside my Valiant British Infantry, plus the option (via their web-site instructions) to make the airborne variant. The 1/144 planes are an easy assemble item and likewise with a bit of care the USS Fletcher comes up as a nice basic kit (see below):

The cream of the crop however was a late addition, the new Airfix Airborne Jeep, including pack 75mm howitzer (see below):

Even better, it has a few extra parts (not in the instructions) which allow the "Airborne Reece Jeep" with a dual Lewis gun mount to be assembled! I cannot for the life of me figure out why this did not make it to the instruction pages! Perhaps it may be missing a little ad-hoc armoured cowling but it is an brilliant addition begging an Arnhem scenario! The US 50 cal and 30 cal HMG/MMG mountings are also nice items that won't stay in the spares box forever ;)

So good in fact I think I will need another ;)


Paul Foster said...

Smashing haul Geordie. The Airborne jeep looks awesome!

I like the fact that you have already launched into them.

A true plastic fiend!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Couldn't help myself Paul, it helps when rather than having the "plastic pile" wade through, you can do a mini-mountain that does not offer much choice

The hobby is going through a dangerous moment at present as a late-spring/school summer holiday "clean" is in progress

The garage has already been ravaged, erm I meant cleaned up