Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Looking for an 'interesting' 30 Day Project to start in February

I have veritable melting pot of disparate interests at the moment (bad sign, need to focus), so am I am looking for a suitable "30 Day" feel good project to 'focus' (focus, good idea) on. Something 'doable' that I can look back on with earnest satisfaction and think I have accomplished something thatwas quite useful and could be used almost immediately.

Inspirational Sources

Reading (1):
  • Napoleonic, 'The Peninsular Campaign' in particular
  • WWI early naval battles (Audio: The Battle of The Falklands)
Active Game Playing (2):
  • PS4 Pacific War Carrier Battles, like the graphics, silly game play as I have it on 'easy' settings, but strangely satisfying
  • Space Hulk, eyeing up another evening with friends and there are some unfinished 'odds and sods' to paint and (ahem) an issue of an "impulse" purchase I might admit to later that could be painted up in time 
Modelling (3) or rather "stalled modelling projects from 2015":
  • Balsa Tank (Scale 54mm)? Stop laughing, it's as viable as anything Sci-Fi I've done so why not?
  • Star Wars 'First Order' TIE Fighter (Scale bigger than 20mm but smaller than 28mm)
  • Really need that RAF (Battle of France) 1940 Fairey Battle (1:72 scale) to be finished 
  • A Revell Spanish Galleon (1:450 scale)
  • 28mm Saxons/Vikings
  • A Revell (1/144 scale) French Rafale modern jet fighter
  • 28mm Napoleonic Victrix
  • 2mm Napoleonic Irregular Miniatures
  • 15 mm Prussian or French (I think that would see me off)
  • Chasing eBob for those Bannockburn 28mm Scottish Spear :(    
Board Games and Rules (4):
  • Napoleon's Battles (First Edition) although there is a YahooGroup exposing their Fourth Edition via Cavalier Press
  • Wars of the Roses (A Coat of Steel)
  • Impetus
Other things calling from the attic (5): 
  • 20mm T-28 WW2 Russian Tank
  • PSC 1/250 Small German Half-Tracks (20mm)
  • PSC Marders (20mm)
  • 25/28mm Renaissance Italian Wars
  • 1/3000 Pacific War ships  
Whimsy, whimsy, whimsy! Where to go ... roll a dice?


Guidowg said...

Crikey mate, I thought my list of stalled projects was bad.
I reckon you have a shot at 28mm Saxons/Vikings - not to hard using army painter - I'm sure you'll knock a couple of units out in no time.
Good luck.

Paul Foster said...

Fairey Battle!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

If I could get a few games of SAGA planned they would be perfect, however I cannot see that on the horizon


Fear not for the Fairey Battle Paul as I think that is a "something for the weekend sir?" job

I feel the need for a "small tactical unit" of something, probably infantry rather than vehicle/plane or ship