Sunday, 13 March 2016

Tau Kroots see the "Painting Tray"

My Martian Robots have been "put on pause" as another sparkly item in the corner of my toy box caught my eye instead. After a very long gestation period (approximately in Earth/Terra-time a decade [hangs head in shame]) my Tau Kroot troops finally made it to the "painting tray" stage (see below, a wave of orange monsters descends into range):

As chosen by my youngsters [I would have gone probably with a boring WWII US Marine "green" option], with a bold "blazing orange to bright yellow" skin palette, ah the audacity of youth (see below, the starting shade coat of Vallejo Blazing Orange):
  • Used Arfix Acrylic (01) grey undercoat
  • Washed with Vallejo "Sepia Wash" 
  • Base coat Vallejo Blazing Orange 

Rather than posting a step by step painting description as I have done in previous posts, I took some time out of blogging and just enjoyed painting them (see below, I started adding "yellows"):

The photos may just show "glare" but the Kroots are getting progressively more "yellow". I like the look of the primitive Kroot with barbarous knives, teeth and claws plus "space musket". A one shot then charge in tactic akin to Highland Warriors (see below):

Again, final yellow highlights to the skin, a Vallejo "bright yellow" of sorts (see below):

The result is a little less of the blog posting but a little bit more on the satisfaction, to paraphrase Elvis! PS: I hope some could see the irony of painting Kroots and using an old Tyranid Codex as a movement tray.



Nicholas Caldwell said...

Very nice! Much more in keeping with the characters of the models than boring army green. :-)

This is why I have a USS Enterprise (the starship) model that is painted blue and green (because that's what my 8 year old daughter suggested)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

The best ideas are never your own ;)