Saturday, 19 November 2011

Painting Tray Update: Highlights Applied to Panzer I's

Following the base coat the Panzer I's get the highlight treatment:
  • Tamiya Dark Green (XF-61) mixed with Games Workshop Sunburst Yellow for the SCW Breda Pz I
  • Tamiya German Panzer Grey (XF-63) mixed with Tamiya Neutral Grey (XF-53) for the German WWII variant

For the tracks Anita's Acrylic "Metallic Black" then highlighted with a dab of Games Workshop Mithril Silver, probably darkened to a shade of Game Workshops "Boltgun" if truth be told. The SCW duo got the same metallic paint combination for their exhausts, but for the German machine I followed my Panzer Colours 1/2/3 books which depicts the early war German Panzer as having brown rust exhausts:    

I quite like the effect as they blend into the background (see above and below):

This does mean I will have to think about painting some of my 20mm Irregular Miniatures SCW figures, for a "skirmish"level game. I was thinking of CrossFire as an appropriate set of rules to use.

Seen from the rear is an interesting feature of these models, they depict different models of the early Pz I Ausf A. If you look at the rear engine decks they are quite different. I will have investigate this further when I get the chance.

Yes they need Nationalist decals, something which I can borrow from the Italeri Panzer I Ausf B kit.


Al said...

Great post Geordie, nice work on these. What's the engineering on the kits like mate? I thought about getting this one a couple of times

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Al,

The Italeri Kit is a straightforward 1980's Esci kit and probably more parts than it needs be.

The Faust Miniature's kits were a bit of a mixed bag. Cheap (well in those days) and a bit crude but looked the part from a distance. I have three lovely T26 in metal but their resin was poor.

The Pz I's above have "character" but I had to fill up a lot of casting bubbles and missing track links with plasti-card. There is nothing "neat" underside and I had to Millput the track sides to the belly. But I liked the kits after all my TLC.

I remember throwing two of their T-70's kits straight into the bin when them as oversized and unrecoverable models.

This information is based on kits from the mid-1990's.

Rodger said...

Very nice work on the Panzers.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Rodge,

I still have the decals and varnish to do to seal the deal


DeanM said...

Nice armor - the terrain is very realistic too. Best, Dean

Monty said...

Excellent work again, Geordie!