Sunday, 6 November 2011

Impetus Battle III: Into the Flank (3)

The Burgundian Knights finally go down having exhasting themselves helping despatch four heavy enemy infantry units in the centre of the battle. It is a high cost to pay (3VD = Victory Points [in Italian(?), don't ask it's an Impetus thing/terminology]) and one unit of Pike (2VD, to make a total of "six") against the four enemy warband (4x1VD, and a total of "four"), so the Greeks are on top on the basis of trading their "average" for my "good" troops. In response I send my Pike in again (see below):

On my right flank my Germanic MAA decide not to hang about and chase of the second unit of Greek Light Horse. The first enemy nit of Greek Light Horse learns to respect the long distance shooting power of my big cannon and unit of "shot" that about faces to shoot at them (see below). The Light Cavalry still have "their eyes on the prize of my camp" which would take my total to 9VD and win him the game:

The long awaited "into the flank" of the Pike Block by the enemy "shock" cavalry unit finally materialises. It looks grim for the Pike, but it still has a certain "umpf" about it. Middle left sees a Greek warband unit closing to contact my second nit of shooters (see below):    

The gruelling combat takes place and casualties once again mount (see below): 

The Greek warband (middle left, above) learn a healthy respect for "shot" and the Greek warband (middle top, above) gets the pointy end of a pike. Things are hanging in the balance at the moment.

To be continued ...

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