Friday, 4 November 2011

Impetus Battle III: Fighting something "Greek" (1)

I took my Renaissance Impetus army out to play for a third time. This time, the figures were all mine and I had even "mostly" finished painting them (I was giving the Burgundian Knights a touch up even as they were being deployed). In my excitement at seeing my Germanic Men-At-Arms take to the field of battle, along side my virginal Burgundian Knights I sadly forgot to take a photograph until they were well "out of the blocks" (see below) and first blood had been drawn by my Burgundian Knights and Pike Block:

My Renaissance Army is working its way from bottom to top in the photograph. I had tried to make the battlefield as flat as possible without obstructing terrain but my enemy (another young Alexander still in the process of finishing his studies) had cunningly drawn a forest partially across my path. My impact troops hurtled forward scoring an early success against a deep warband but in so doing had left behind their supporting" shooters" (an obvious mistake in hindsight). Note: my crack unit of Germanic MAA is somewhat wasted pointing in the direction of some distant Light Cavalry. However skirmishers hold  the strategic toe of the forest and are eyeing up a dangerous looking unit of mounted Cavalry and another of Impact Elephant skirting the wood (top right above).  

(Above) Alas my brave Burgundian Knights now get "gubbed" in the middle (admit it you saw it was going to happen), I just didn't get through enough of the enemy warband troops before losing my "impetus" (see below).

But wait all is not lost, these boys are tough. They can still kill more warbands any day of the week despite accruing casualties in the process. Their quality shows despite the dangerous presence of more enemy "quantity" to their immediate left. Meanwhile lurking to their far right is a dangerous shadow sizing up the flank of my Pike Block (see below):

My adversary looked on despairing not of his losses. This Young General was planning something cunning with these fine fellows (above).


Tim Gow said...

Good to see you're getting some mileage under the feet (and hooves) of your new toys. That elephant was a bit unexpected!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

I try to work on a LIFO principle these days, Last In First Out of the painting tray principle where possible.

I painted the "new metals" as fast as I could

(Note: Mileage doesn't necessary mean winning)