Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Panzer Grey Production Line Continues: Some Panzer II's

From shiny yellow plastic and Africa Korp Desert Yellow to a base shade of German Panzer Grey courtesy of Tamiya (see below):

And from the other side (note the repaired 221 armoured car axle):

Don't tell Paul from PlasticWarriors but some Renaissance Holy Roman Empire (HRE) mounted Harquebusiers got a little look in too (see below):

Then fear not it was back to the finishing the Panzer II's:

No decals yet (I am promising myself a mass decal and varnish day sometime in the winter).

These two complete the tanks I need for the "light companies" of the battalion for the Command Decision 1939 and 1940 German Panzer Division order of battle.


Somebody else has been interested in Panzer II's recently see link.


Paul said...

Glad you know me so well. That grey looks amazing.

I have decal days as well, and I dread them.

Good post.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Paul

The Grey look was achieved via Tamiya XF-63 German Grey and mixed with XF-53 Nuetral Grey

Highlights on the edges were pure XF-53 Nuetral Grey

I am thinking of touching up my previously painted models in this style when I get through the base-coated backlog

Yep, more to come ;)

Guidowg said...

Very nice results, they look great. I havent touched a 20mm model for ages, but you are tempting me. What rules do you use?

Paul said...

Did you have to thin the Tamiya down, I have found it usually is rather thick?

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

That is a really effective grey and no mistake!

Funny thing is always enjoy the decal stage!

All the best,


Tim Gow said...

A 'mass decal and varnish day' sounds very Third Reich!

Monty said...

Looking good Geordie!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hello Paul,

I do "water down" the mixture as you say Tamiya is a thick acrylic. Not really a fan of their mixing agent.

One tip I gathered from reading the Heavy Metal Games Workshop painters guides and tips is that multiple thin washes beats thick applications hands down

Their recommended consistency is like milk, built p in think layers. I try to stick to three layers on a black undercoat.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Rule sets are a good question Guidowg, tell me when to stop:

I was a fan of Command Decision but hated the "proximity" of things in 20mm (1/200 and 1/300) being my preferred scaling.

CD3 I feel is a "battalion/regiment" level game.

Battle Group Commander (BGC) and Spearhead are good "Division Rules" game. I also like featres from an inspirational set of rules from the Canadian Wargames Group called Great Battles of WWII.

So back to reality, the 20mm kit then falls back to squad and skirmish level games. Crossfire being my current "hopeful" (never yet played in true anger, Avalon Hill's adapted Squad Leader and Jim Webster's "Hell By Daylight" are good "also rans"

I have also recently played some small scale 1/300 and 1/200 than 20mm though! WWIIBF (World War II Battle Front from the producers of F&F was an interesting/enjoyable "battalion" level game"

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Tim/Monty and David

Decals seem to be mu hard labour prison sentence, very much a Third Reich punishment for me ;)