Monday, 21 November 2011

Going to war in "Your Dad's Car"?

The German Army in 1939 was nothing short of desperate of AFV types if it had to use the "Maschinengewehrkraftwagen" Kfz 13 as a combat reconnaissance vehicle.  

It must have been like going to war in your Dad's open top touring car and must have attracted a lot of bullets to boot.

This dear little thing was made by MMS Models. A fine cast little kit. MMS Model kits are not cheap but do produce the filler gaps between the more common plastic kits and the stuff you need to flesh out your orbat.Seen in the best light below, I think I will base them on a stand with infantry "next to them" as I have not got anything small enough figure wise to fit inside.

I think this model warrants those dreaded "white cross" bullet attracting markings of 1939, as I don't think it saw much action post Poland 1939, from France 1940 onwards being a death trap. It has shades of the 1914 "Race to the Sea" armoured cars of World War One before the trenches set in.


Paul said...

Love ém! I killed a Platoon of these at Calais. Tough nuts to crack If I remember rightly.

No cross, use for France and the low countries. Even in Poland, they soon disappeared after a week or so.

Probably used in Ost units until the mid war period as well.

Lovely work mate.

Al said...

Nice one mate, I've got one of these made by ACE

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Tough nuts to crack? Paul please explain? They must have an armour value of 1 ... mince meet even for a Boyes ATR ;)

Are you sure you are getting confused with a Pz IIIE?

Paul said...

It was a two phased problem...

My Searchlight battalion lads had a little trouble getting there eye in.

And I had had about 10 beers by the time they engaged, my dice were light.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


That explains it, the 10 beers would be a -10 modifier for sure ;)