Saturday, 12 November 2011

Impetus Battle III: The Last Act (5)

In a suicidal effort to get back into the game, remember that big imposing elephant? Well light troops in ancient times were good against the beasts, so now is the time to find out how their Renaissance counterparts fair? Two units go in gun-ho front and back, although a with little bit of disorder just to make it interesting (see below):.

A good one to win! Nelly is beaten by one, but that was is good enough as contacted front and back means the end of poor Nelly (see below)!

The game now hung in the balance. My army had accumulated 9VD (disaster points) and was broken, but the Greeks were coming perilously close to theirs (also set at 9VD) as they stood at  7VD. I could not catch the light horse as they backed away from my MAA, the last remaining hope was to shoot the Greek General with artillery and shot (see below, artillery" bottom left and "shot" middle bottom, the target the mounted unit top middle):

The dice were rolled, the Fates laughed and the General was hit, a cohesion roll was asked for. Would he fall and I grasp the shallow vine of a consolation draw or would the young Mars be ascendant and claim my scalp (I do have a good twenty six years start on him)?

Fortune smiled upon another Young Alexander. He lived and had his day of glory, I on the other hand shrank back into the shadows of history as my army died and I have been (enjoyably) scalped again. Is it bad of me to wish on him extra Physics homework as he studies for his A - Levels [which were much harder in my day of course]


Notes: Army composition

I have literally played with what figures I have painted so the tendency has been to be go for quality over quantity to get a viable army on the table-top. I has been great fun. However the downside of this is that the higher VD of these quality units means that "it does not take many units to be lost" before hitting the army break point. Whereas the lighter VD per unit armies I have been playing against "soak up" casualties for a reality cheap price, thus allowing other units to manoeuvre into more advantageous positions and attack with devastating results (which is all good generalship I may add).

For the quality cost of my current troops I can trade in and receive an additional two "lighter VD(1)" units, a CL (Light Horse [Crossbow], with evade capabilities) and another Sk - Arquebusier (again with nice evade capabilities). As you can guess they are next up on my painting tray.


Paul said...

This posts needs some photos of tanks!

Paul said...

This posts needs some photos of tanks!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Your psychic wish has come true ;)

I was missing them too!