Thursday, 3 November 2011

Holiday Purchases

A trip to see the grandparents/in-laws in Edinburgh gave me the opportunity to visit my favourite model shop, Winter Wonderland stocked full to the brim with WWII 20mm goodies. I could not resist the new Airfix WWII British trucks (seeing as Al and Paul from New Zealand had tantalised me over the last month with some interesting posts):

Likewise I picked up the new Airfix WWII British Infantry (see below). These I almost did not buy, as the figure pictures on the back of the packaging did not impress, but when I got home the figures inside the box certainly. I now have more British WWII Infantry, from various manufacturers, than I actually know what to do with (except go ahead and paint some!)

Finally I could not put down some early war classic German Infantry on bicycles from HaT (see below) How to advance into France and the Low Counties with a certain style. The early war is calling for my attention, watch this space. With twelve figures in a nice little pack can represent three Command Decision companies I think, with the rest of the battalion (heavy weapons support company and HQ) toodling along in a bit of motorised transport. Alas there was no sign of the Italian Mounted WW2 Infantry that I know exists (somewhere):

Watch this space for a slow build and paint.



Paul said...

A mighty haul, some good picks there Geordie. You will love the trucks mate.

Rodger said...

Nice purchases. Roll on the build and paint.