Wednesday, 2 November 2011

JagdPanzer IV repair: The anti-tank capability of an 18 month year old

A commando style raid was launched on Daddy's "Panzer IV" tray, resulting in a 'coup' for the 'special forces' operative (see below):

The hands of an eighteen month old child proved more deadly to this late war 20mm German JagdPanzer  IV than any action to date on a wargames table from a 85mm Soviet anti-tank guns or Sherman 75's. A team of expert repair workers (aka me, in a team of one) were brought in to attempt to repair the damage:

The operation reached a tense moment with the attachment of a metal pin into the broken limb (see above):

With nurses mopping the brow of the surgeon a hole was drilled in the "pig's head" mantle (see above). Superglue time and the reconstruction was complete (see below):

And the guilty culprit, got off scot free, with giggles and cuddles to mummy. There is a certain "full circle" element to all this one of my first posts to Geordie's Big Battles was showing off my 'recently' painted (in 2009) JagdPanzer IV company (in Command Decision terms) as wargame ready:

Early Photo of JagdPanzer IV Company
Better Shot of JagdPanzer IV Company

This is back in 2009. To my eternal shame I have still not "decalled" them to finish them off properly or even had them out on a wargames table proper! Maybe my youngest son was just trying to tell me something after all, using the vocabulary available to him ("All gone" is his latest phrase).


David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Phew! At least the repair was relatively straightforward and the barrel had not been snapped in half!

I like the camo paint job - very effective and once the decals are on....;-)

All the best,


Paul said...

Geordie, great repairs skills and awesome patience with the lad.

Next step decalling!

Al said...

Good job mate, had similar experiences with the dogs when they were pups:)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers folks

I am secretly planning my revenge. Doubtless at a later pre-teen stage he will get some Space Marines (despite what I so to try and dissuade him)

I will pounce on his first pack of five Space Marines with a 3000 point Tyranid Army and tell him its "fair"

I have ten years from now to paint that army ;)