Saturday, 22 October 2011

Painting Tray: Renaissance Mode

The painting tray is currently cluttered with the figures needed to complete my Renaissance Impetus army (although I hear that in the new Impetus IV supplement the "killer pike-block" armies are getting rule-restricted", so by the time I field my army it may have waned in its 'effectiveness' and scare factor, such is wargaming and I didn't paint it to win anyway, it's more of an interesting project to finish).

Going clockwise below, top right has a unit of crossbow men (Perry's miniatures), lined out and under-coated are some "DoppelSoldners" (again Perry Miniatures), top left is a "pile of lead" which needs to be transformed into some Burgundian Knights (Redoubt Enterprises) and finally at twelve o'clock some "horizontal" stabbing pikemen (Wargames Foundry). Eagle-eyed readers may also have spotted a recently reactivated Necron Warrior hiding in the shadows ;)   

A closer look at the"skirmish formation" crossbow men. These are a "cheap" army point option to put out in front of the advancing pike block to soak up the initial missile "hits", so the pike block can hopefully get in "fresh" and do the business. The Perry Miniatures painted up really quickly and I think are very nice (see below):

The Wargame Foundry pike men are a Renaissance classic. Here the "pikes lowered" is effective as most of the pike length is taken up in "dead ground" on the base. That means the "pikes" won't interfere with bases placed in front of the unit, something the Impetus basing has over the old DBM approach IMHO (see below). I also plan to put some Perry's Miniatures DoppelSoldners in the front of the base between the lowered pikes (as per historical deployment, but it is still a unit of "pike" nothing "funny in the rules" is being attempted here). 

The "pile of lead" from Redoubt Enterprises, the horses being the same as the Germanic Men-At-Arms mounts but the riders "true flowery knights". Very solid figures and I am looking forward to painting these (again), but I am wondering how "full-on" I have to go with the heraldry of the knights, watch this space for developments (see below):  

If I manage to shift this stuff off the table before the end of October I can get back to some WWII early war panzers as my November project.


Ray Rousell said...

Some nice looking troops.

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Cheers Ray the murky light doesn't do them any justice, I'll try and take some "daylight" shots :)